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CityPASS Offers Urban Adventures with Deals and Vacation Benefits. Guaranteed to improve family vacation time, CityPASS offers deals and discounts to the best museums and attractions in the best cities in North America. Using the pass makes an urban vacation with kids easy and more affordable.Houston Children's Museum with CityPASS

Here's the scoop.
Destinations include: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Southern California, Tampa, and Toronto, Canada. With a CityPASS coupon booklet you have the opportunity to create a ready-made urban adventure.

In North America, urban adventures can be truly rewarding for families but to arrange a terrific one takes time and who has time?  One terrific solution, select a city and buy a CityPASS vacation booklet for the spot. Each destination included in the North American program offers the best museums, attractions and sightseeing options. CityPASS ticket booklets usually include six tickets per city and include a collection of the most-visited and recognized cultural institutions and attractions. NYC Flight Deck Experience with CityPASS

The obvious advantage is having a short list of choices. Using a CityPASS makes deciding what to do a little easier for families with young but independent thinkers and the prices include special rates for children. The pass booklets make sense for anyone who needs a plan but does not have time to spare. It even makes a terrific gift to share with grandkids when seeking an affordable getaway. 

I have used the booklets for New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, and most recently Philadelphia. Each time the experience was effortless and inspiring. From my personal experience I can say the booklets make the doing easy. The booklets provide the framework for an urban adventure. There are choices in the book which makes deciding what to do with kids easier. It's a 10-year-old's dream. It's in the book so we are doing it. Obvious Benefit: The booklets save money on things worth seeing and doing plus there will be no standing in lines which translates to less stress and more fun. San Francisco Museum of Science Earthquake Globe with CityPASS
Do the short list. Each CityPASS is designed to reveal the best views, from above the city, on the street, and inside the aristocracy of past, present and future art, science, and culture. Inside a single booklet is the wild divergence of natural history museums, tower observation decks, boat tours, art museums, guided tour, history and imagination. Use each ticket to trace the footsteps of famous explorers who mapped the planet, see a neon world under the sea, dream beyond our galaxy of stars, debate what is really art, or survey three states at an on-high glance.

It’s affordable. Deeply discounted, there are no gimmicks or clutter with a bevy of offers too small or time-consuming to chase. CityPASS offers only the best of the best, at 50% savings.The fact is the math works. The savings are real.

The advantages are many. The most-appreciated is breezing past main entrance ticket lines. Most participating attractions have special CityPASS entry points or instructions that speed visitors inside. Valid for a minimum of nine days to see a city’s star museums and attractions. 
CityPass San Francisco Family Vacation Deal
Get the scoop on the spot.
Each CityPASS ticket contains tips regarding the best time of day to use the ticket at the attraction, directions – including public transportation options, the website for further details, and on-site dining. Depending upon the city, other enhancements add unexpected value: discounts on restaurants, additional passes, gift shops,etc.

It’s easy to get. It is posssible to buy the booklet at the first CityPASS attraction visited or buy it in advance online at Ticket booklets will be shipped to home or hotel via FedEx. For recorded general information you may call  (707) 256-0490. 

General text and images provided by Comments by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files. Updated copyright 2016.
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