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Quivertree Family Expeditions - Creators of Unique Family Vacations. Quivertree Family Adventures Camel RidingTwo dads, one idea - to facilitate remarkable family vacations enabling parents to share rewarding and often illuminating experiences with their children. The Quivertree family vacation menu currently includes Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the Balkans, India, Morocco, Southern Africa, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos and New Zealand. 

Here's the scoop. Quivertree offers family vacation planning to destinations most of which are not found on the family vacation radar screen. Described by Philip Nurick as places overlooked, some of them fit in the edgy category. How about Colombia, Guatemala, or India? They don’t do England or France right now.  After speaking with Philip about the company’s philosophies and goals it is obvious to me that working with Quivertree is like having a friend in the business – the family travel business.

Quivertree was founded by two brothers Gideon and Philip Nurick, originally from South Africa. They are truly citizens of the world and seem to be nurturing citizens of the world through their own family travel junkets. They are masters of family travel to places on the planet not normally found on the popular family travel list. The Nuricks know from their own family travel that most adults want a vacation that is worthwhile and memorable, yet enjoyable - meaning fun for the children and fun for adults. Like the remarkable quivertree  which is the company’s symbol, the company provides unique and memorable ways for families to experience the world together – one trip at a time.

The Quivertree concept is simple. They facilitate family dream vacations. They are cognizant of the fact that family trips remain part of each family's collective memory and they take careful steps to ensure all members feel included. Knowing no two families are the same, no two vacations created by Quivertree are the same.

Browse their website to get a sense of the kind of vacations possible. It is obvious from the first-person comments and advice that they love to actually travel with children. They have traveled with their own children to both edgy places and not-so-edgy places. Their adventures have been sort of "free range" and more often than not - amazing. It is this passion for travel (including with children) that nurtures Quivertree. Drawing from a wealth of firsthand experience, their focus is on creating the perfect vacation adventure and bonding experience for a family.

Creating one-of-a-kind family experiences. Quivertree Family Adventures Siem Reap How does the process work? First off, know that no two trips will be the same. I know I mentioned it before but it is key to the Quivertree travel concept.  Using their expert firsthand information and resources, Quivertree assembles one-of–a-kind itineraries customized to the unique needs of each family. They know planning an exceptional family vacation can be an emotional task. It is a balancing act made easier if you know someone who really knows the lay of the land.

Here’s the scoop. Quivertree begins the planning process at their website with a simple, online questionnaire to determine a family’s vacation personality by identifying interests, likes, dislikes, tolerance for adventure, and of course any deal breakers. Just fill out the questionnaire and hit send and Quivertree will reply with trip suggestions based on your family’s interests. Agree on the cost of the trip; make a deposit and they take care of the details. They will be as hands-on or as hands-off as you desire. But they will be in touch until departure to ensure you and your children will be prepared for your trip. The rest is simple.

Locations on the planet. They offer independent family travel to Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Italy, Spain, Turkey, the Balkans, India, Morocco, Southern Africa, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos and New Zealand. This is the stuff for family travel junkies. At Quivertree no two trips are the same because they are created to meet the needs of each family however I have selected a few of their typical itineraries as examples.

7- day Guatemala. This is a destination full of contrasts, color and adventure, a place to cross cultural frontiers and to witness an ancient indigenous culture thriving in a visible, accessible way in the heart of the Mayan world. A family vacation may include study time for Spanish, and a stay with a local family in Antigua, hiking Volvan Pacaya to see active lava flows, exploring Mayan culture in the villages surrounding beautiful Lake Atitlan, bargain hunting at Solala or Chichicastenango markets, experience sunrise at Tikal deep in the jungle.

8– day Colombia.  Frommer’s calls Colombia the 'next country poised to be the next big ecotourism destination' and Philip can speak firsthand about the value of a family vacation in the country. He and his family enjoyed their time so much that it made the first cut for family destinations offered by Quivertree. Highlights may include not just beach time snorkeling or surfing but  time to explore the streets of Cartagena, a living museum of Spanish colonial architecture and history, sharing a unique family mud bath in Volcan Totumo, sipping coffee in Zona Cafetera or hiking Tayrona National Park.Quivertree Family Adventures Snake Charmer

10-day in Israel and Jordan. Trip highlights may include bargaining in Arab markets, shopping in sleek shopping malls, or experiencing the tastes and sights of Shuk Hacarmel--the vast outdoor markets of Tel Aviv. Go on a 4-WD or a camel ride through the Jordanian desert. Crawl with flashlight through water tunnels of the ancient City of David, Jerusalem or bike ride through the Negev desert and sleep under the stars in a Bedouin tent. Raft down the Jordan River or climb Masada at sunrise and end the day in the Dead Sea.

7-14 days Southern Africa. As native South Africans, the Quivertree founders are uniquely familiar with the area and have a depth of firsthand experience. A suggested itinerary may include swimming with penguins on a Cape Town beach, whitewater rafting next to the Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi River, ballooning and climbing giant dunes in the Namib desert (seeing a quivertree), diving with manta rays in Mozambique, enjoying incredible wildlife in Botswana's pristine wildernesses, or  a guided family bicycle tour of Soweto. They encourage parents to plan to spend at least two weeks in South Africa to get a true feel of the country.

7-14 days India. Did you know that India is home to tigers, bears, elephants, lions and rhinos? The combination alone suits a family adventure. According to Quivertree where to visit depends entirely in what time of year you choose to visit and they recommend at least two weeks in the huge, fascinating country. The Tropical South and Classical North are best visited between September and May, while Ladakh and the Himalayas are only accessible in June, July and August when the weather is ideal. Highlights of a trip may include sleeping in a bedroom once used by a Maharajah, visiting any of the 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Taj Mahal, tasting scrumptious Alfonso mangoes and sipping Darjeeling tea, sleeping on a houseboat in Kerala or Kashmir.

Fun fact. The signature namesake for Quivertree World is the Dr. Suess-like quivertree or Kokerboom, a tree indigenous to Southern Africa, specifically in the Northern Cape. Not surprising the branches were once used quivers for arrows. Like the tree a vacation planned by Quivertree will be memorable.

Make it happen. If you wish more details call (778) 986-6727 (Canada), (206) 313-2770 (USA), or toll-free 1-800- 235-9941 or

Content posed by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files, based on an interview with Philip Nurick Co Founder of Quivertree. Images credited to Quivertree. Copyright 2014.
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