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 Terrific Family Reunions and Gatherings Made Easy in Virginia Beach. Planning a family reunion at the beach will most likely get everyone’s attention. And if it’s a “cool” beach geared to family fun then combining family vacation time and a reunion will be much easier to accomplish.
  Virginia Beach Family Reunions
Family vacation time is very precious. Anyone who has planned a family reunion or a get together with siblings and extended family knows it takes nudging and flexibility. The trick is to present an enticing family vacation, family reunion plan - something that sounds like fun to everyone.
It's a blast to see how many noses match, to reminisce about the last reunion and learn how much extended family members have in common but it takes effort to craft a vision and explain it to family members. It’s all about getting people to show up and if it sounds like fun so much the better.Virginia Beach Ferris Wheel
The shared activities and unique experiences create memories and family bonds and add value to your family’s story and may get extra play on Facebook or hit the tweet stream. However matching the togethering events and activities with the desires and needs of attending personalities is no small task. To cut down on the stress of planning I think it is best to seek independent help.

Here's the scoop. Virginia Beach is one destination that has togethering spots, unique family-friendly activities, and the planning staff willing to help create the best family reunion ever. While no two family reunions will ever be the same there are common threads which lead to success and Virginia Beach has woven the threads into clever themed templates which include suggested itineraries. I like "It's All about the Grandkids" and "Green Getaway" best.Virginia Beach Family Reunion Fun on Sandbridge
The list of possibilities is extensive spanning not just beach life, sea life and music but also golfing, tennis and shopping. Did I mention great food? The Virginia Beach reunion planning staff knows what it takes to make three, maybe four generations happy in one place at one time. While senior family members engage in the customary “remember when” dialog, they know younger family members would rather connect or reconnect with siblings and cousins and live in the moment. 

In addition to building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball and watching awesome sunsets there are many delightful possibilities for shared experiences. I have included a few suggestions gleaned from the extensive menu of family reunion activity choices provided by the Virginia Beach reunion experts. 

Rent a 2, 4 or 6-seat surrey bicycle.  A peddle along the Boardwalk is definitely a signature Virginia beach activity. Gather the kids or grandkids for a spin ending with a stop for ice cream or an Italian gelato then maybe have everyone participate in a Boardwalk scavenger hunt.

Ride the waves. Take a ride on the Rudee Flipper, sailing from the Fishing Center at Rudee Inlet. Enjoy the marvelous sea breezes and keep your camera ready for dolphin or whales.  Bonus Points: Each cruise tour is narrated by a trained marine specialist. 
Kayak in the morning. The possibilities to enjoy an energizing excursion by kayak include both sea routes and wild spaces. Whether guided or self-guided a kayak tour along the Atlantic coastline or through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge cannot be beat for making memories.  Ocean Rentals in Sandbridge offers oodles of family adventure experiences.
Jet away. During the summer months small groups and families can visit Naval Air Station Oceana, the military’s most sophisticated jet base, on the daily bus tour offered by the Military Aviation Museum. Virginia beach Family reunion Fun Along the Boardwalk

See the fishes, count the birds. Not to be missed is the Virginia Aquarium which features awesome aquatic experiences ideal for three generations. The marine life complex contains more than 350 hands-on exhibits as well as a new outdoor adventure park. 

Charter a sunset. For evening relaxation, try a smooth sailing dinner cruise aboard the “Virginia’s Jewel,” a charter yacht boat catering to groups large or small.

Location on the planet.   Nestled along the southeastern edge of the state where Virginia meets the sea, Virginia Beach is four hours southeast of Washington, D.C. by car.

Make it happen.  To ask a question call toll-free 1-800-VA-BEACH (800-822-3224) or

Additional ways to connect with Virginia Beach include: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Content updated by Nancy Nelson-Duac with additional suggestions and images provided by Virginia Beach Tourism. Copyright Updated 2015. 

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