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Ecuador: Galapagos Islands, New Land-Based Programs and Places to Stay for Families with Young Children.Galapagos Family Beach Fun Families with toddlers to tweens, can now comfortably experience the Galapagos that heretofore has been nearly off limits for them because cruise ships often exclude young children and land stays were difficult to secure.
Here’s the scoop. Ecuador’s leading hospitality company for active adventure, Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges offers a variety of land-based itineraries and sufficient multi-island room capacity in five separate lodges to entice active young families.
“My wife and seven-month-old daughter went on several of our island tours recently and the baby just loved seeing the tortoises and birds close up. Noting the fact that most don’t allow young children, there is no way she would have ever been able to experience this on a Galapagos cruise ship,” said Caleb Hayes, Diving Sales & Operations Manager for the company.Galapagos Turtle with Teens
From 2009 to 2010 Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges saw a 32 percent increase in family business, reported Hernan Roads, visionary founder and owner. He expects a similar level of growth this year, pointing out that his properties, based on eco-sensitive, sustainable practices are capturing more attention each year.
“Before us, there was not a brand of hotels or lodges that offered any multi-island consistency in terms of quality, staffing, environmental standards and program and activity flexibility,” he said.
The pros of a land-based vacation focus on the fact that the land programs are open to all ages including families with young children. The programs are offered every day so arrivals and departures can be planned on the family’s schedule without having to fit to a more rigid cruise ship departure schedule.
 “We ease parental anxiety by eliminating the worry of ‘child overboard’ and concerns about the confined space on a ship. We also don’t do wet landings where you have to wade ashore or jump on to wet rocks. Additionally, our land-based programs are simply more economical and we are able to meet a family’s budget better than cruise options,” explained Rodas.
Dive into the fun. Younger children are welcome on any of Red Mangrove’s year-round, land-based tour programs and for infants reasonably priced babysitting services are also available upon request. For underwater enthusiasts, including families with young children, there are classes and opportunities to learn how to dive with PADI certified instructors. Diving parents also appreciate being able to participate on dive excursions while the little ones are well taken care of ashore.Galapagos Boobie

Here’s the deal. There is a 25 percent discount off the package price for children younger than age 10. Per person rates begin at $340 per day and are inclusive of deluxe lodging, meals, excursions with English speaking naturalist guides, free Internet wireless service while in Santa Cruz, free use of bikes when in Puerto Ayora and Isabela, all snorkeling gear and 10% service charge.
Rodas recommends for young ones, toddler to age 12 an 8-day/7-night three-island, Full Galapagos Adventure program with only a short navigation from island to island. For older kids ages 12-18 he recommends an 8-day/7-night multi-island, Multi-sport Soft Adventure program encompassing three islands plus biking, kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and trekking.

Location on the planet. The Galapagos Islands are located in the eastern Pacific Ocean approximately 625 miles (1000 km) off the west coast of Ecuador, South America. The largest of the islands, Isabela comprises half of the total land area of the archipelago. Need to know. Mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands do not share the same GMT.  Mainland is Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) and Galapagos Islands use Central Standard Time (GMT-6). Plus, Ecuador does not adjust for daylight savings time.

Make it happen. Browse the attractive website for more details or call toll-free 1-888-254-3190, (402) 953- 0261 or

About Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges. In 2007 introduced a land-based alternative to exploring the Galapagos that heretofore was a cruise-only destination. While it may be best known for its upscale lodging and dive operations in the Galapagos, recent expansion has made it a leader in mainland Ecuador hospitality as well. With upscale waterfront lodges strategically situated on Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana, it is the only company offering high quality, branded accommodations and services on multiple islands in the Galapagos and across mainland Ecuador. Because it is land-based, Red Mangrove can offer a more extensive roster of activities and more flexibility than traditional cruise options. Red Mangrove Lodge Galapagos
The customary way to experience Red Mangrove’s Galapagos hospitality is to spend a number of nights on each island accessed by small boat and/or aircraft. With 14 guest rooms, Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz is distinguished by its unique architectural design which blends its mangrove forest and seafront environments tastefully and responsibly. Its location boasts generous views of Puerto Ayora Bay. Separated from the ocean by a white sand, palm-lined beach, Isabela Lodge offers eight rooms outside the sleepy fisherman’s village of Puerto Villamil on one of the most volcanically active islands on Earth. Red Mangrove Floreana Lodge is a romantic gathering of 10 private pine cottages just a five minute walk from the village of Puerto Velasco Ibarra (population 150). Red Mangrove Divers Lodge Santa Cruz has 11 rooms near the Red Mangrove Dive Academy. Red Mangrove Isabela Divers Lodge features 5-rooms adjacent to scenic Puerto Villamil. On the mainland coast of Ecuador Samai Lodge with 11 rooms is an inn-and-spa suited for recollection, relaxation and wellness surrounded by the sounds of the jungle and crashing surf.
Content and images provided by Red Mangrove Galapagos and Ecuador Lodges. Copyright 2012.

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