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California: Los Angeles, Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt.Cleopatra Exhibition at California Science Center Get away for the holidays and spend a day with Cleopatra at the California Science Center in Exhibition Park and view firsthand the story of love, power, glamor, and tragedy.

Here’s the scoop. Until the end of 2012 California Science Center is the home base for an amazing exhibition featuring the life of Cleopatra. It is the largest collection of its kind ever assembled in the U.S. and includes more than 150 priceless Egyptian artifacts illuminating the life of Cleopatra VII, one of the most provocative and powerful women in history. On display colossal statues, jewelry, coins and items from her sunken palace in Alexandria and other ancient sites that were significant during her life as queen.

California Science Center always presents topnotch exhibitions creating the perfect learning environment – one which is easily shared and enjoyed with children. Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt does just that by combing the results of two present-day searches – one in the desert and one off the shore of present day Alexandria in the Bay of Aboukir.  Wait for it! There is a WOW factor involved. The artifacts weigh in at about 30 tons in total, including two 16-foot granite statues of a Ptolemaic king and queen from the 4th – 3rd centuries B.C.

See, hear, and feel the story. Cleopatra has remained one of history’s most intriguing enigmas, and her final resting place is one of Egypt’s great unsolved mysteries. The story of her life and time unfolds in a dramatic setting with high definition multimedia and original soundscapes, including a complimentary audio tour provided to every guest, making the exhibition a rich, multisensory experience.Cleopatra Exhibition at California Science Center Uderwater Discoveriesc

Two exhibitions tell one story. Cleopatra, the last great pharaoh before Egypt succumbed to Roman opposition, lived from 69 – 30 B.C. with a rule marked with political intrigue and challenges to her throne. She captivated two of the most powerful men of her day, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, as she attempted to restore Egypt to its former superpower status.

Visitors to the exhibition follow the modern-day parallel stories of two ongoing expeditions being led in Egypt. The galleries display items recovered in underwater explorations including artifacts from the grand palace where she ruled and the sunken ancient cities of Canopus and Heracleion, two bustling centers of commerce and culture in her era, where she would have spent time for both religious and pleasure-seeking pursuits.  Also included are additional details from the expedition searching for her Cleopatra’s tomb in the desert at Taposiris Magna.

IMAX Film - Mysteries of Egypt. To enhance the guest experience the Science Center IMAX Theater will be featuring Mysteries of Egypt. Legendary screen actor Omar Shariff portrays a grandfather who enchants his granddaughter, played by Kate Maberly, with tales of an ancient people. Re-enactments are used to illustrate events such as building the pyramids, the reign of the pharaohs, and the discovery of Tut’s tomb.

About the California Science Center. The California Science Center is a dynamic destination where families, adults and children can explore the wonders of science through interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, innovative programs and awe-inspiring films.

Location on the planet. The California Science Center and IMAX Theater are located in historic Exposition Park just west of the Harbor (110) Freeway at 700 Exposition Park Drive.

Make it happen. Guests are encouraged to buy their tickets online at to reserve an entry date & time. The general information number is (323) SCIENCE. Here’s the deal. Admission to all other Science Center exhibits is free. More information is also available at

Content and images provided by Arts & Exhibitions International California Science Center. Comments by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Editor FTF. Copyright 2012.

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