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New Beginnings: Advice for Travel with Children Six Weeks to Five Years of Age. This TravelPhase focuses on advice and vacation ideas for families traveling with babies, toddlers and children not yet in school.Baby Toddler Beach Time in Florida with Dad.

It is never too early to begin traveling as a family but we know that the best family vacations with tiny tykes need to be uncomplicated flexible. Slow and easy is the best plan for successful family vacation ideas for travel with babies and toddlers. Renting a cabin in the mountains is one option or perhaps securing a condo on the beach may work better. Consider Jellystone Camping Resorts with ready-made fun for tiny tykes in a family-friendly environment. Select an all-inclusive resort or a cruise with organized child care and guaranteed free time for parents.

1. Plan parent time. When children are in the age of tactile discovery every day is a holiday. It is the parents that need the break, not the baby or the toddler. Less is more.New Beginnings Family Travel Files Vacations with Toddlers
2. Keep things familiar. Resist the temptation to wash everything just before leaving home. Babies and toddlers are particularly comfortable with the smell of their things. They are also sensitive and often cranky when their own things, complete with odors, seem to be missing.

3. Assemble a baby-proofing bag. Unless your destination includes a hotel or resort with baby proofing kits this small effort will reduce anxiety. What goes in the kit? Think about socket plugs, corner tabs, plastic glasses, room guards, nightlights and other typical portable protection devices.
4. Add safety to your trip. Keeping small children safe includes more than using seat belts and holding hands at a crosswalk. While no one expects to lose track of a  child of any age, toddler frequently stray because they are curious toddlers often causing panic and trauma for all involved.  Michele Welsh, a mom of three, has created an awesome way to add an element of safety to any family outing including vacations at the beach, waterpark, theme park, or airport. Her solution is an assortment of peel-off, waterproof tattoos which may be customized to meet the needs of the outing. SafetyTat is a brilliant solution and an invaluable way to ensure extra safety.SongeBob Square pants at Breakfast in Florida

5. Allow plenty of time. Enjoy the journey by including songs, stories, and frequent stops unless of course the wee one is napping. If an airport is part of your travel plans spare time will be essential because no one can predict parking issues or long lines for security checkpoints. Once at the gate resist the temptation to sit. Make use of the play areas or stroll down the concourse.

6. Consider a well-baby checkup. This matters if you are traveling to another country or have made plans that include remote areas. Checking with the family doctor will reduce stress. Three of the most common vacation traumas involving little ones, dehydration, sunburn and bug bites so ask your doctor for a list of essential first aid items for baby or toddler. 

Family Travel Files New Beginnings. Sometimes age makes all the difference and we know for certain no two vacations will ever be the same.  View advice for additional TravelPhases

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