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Philadelphia for Foodies with Kids. There is no better way to share a sense of place with kids than to sample local cuisine and Philadelphia offers unending potential with very little risk. Chocolate Covered Onions at Terminal Market in Philadelphia

This is not about Philly cheese steaks although the hearty sandwich was first served in the city by Pat and Harry Olivieri during the 1930s and today Philadelphians are quick to suggest their favorite spot. There is more to Philly than cheese steak and during a recent trip to the city I had the opportunity to make my own list of spots for foodies with kids. 

Nine Spots to Share the Tastes of Philly to Share with Kids

Whoopie Pies and Chocolate Covered Onions. If your time is short then the only place to go is Reading Terminal Market it is an awesome food bazar and one of America’s oldest farmers’ markets with more than 80 vendors spanning almost two acres. This is the place to sample Pennsylvania Dutch favorites including the popular Whoopie pie (a chocolate cake with vanilla icing) and Shoofly pie (molasses based with coffee-cake crumble topping). Artisan Cheeses at Reading Terminal Market PhiladelphiaWatch donuts and fritters being cut and baked plus if you are lucky, cheese being made. It is a festive foodie atmosphere and the place to find chocolate covered onions (who would have thought?), heritage preserves, and beautiful artisan cheeses. 

Pretzel Salt. A bit of food trivia to pair with a luscious soft pretzel, pretzel salt (the miniscule compressed granules) was invented in Philadelphia. Warm, oh so yummy, soft pretzels should be part of any Philly vacation with kids. There are several places to sample the art of the pretzel. One exceptional spot is Miller’s Twist offering a fresh-daily selection of brown, buttery, and salty soft pretzels, rolled and baked on-site. (Reading Terminal Market, 12th and Arch Streets. (215) 923-1723 or

Gluten Free Bagels. Philadelphia is the home of Sweet Note the makers of truly delightful, dense, New York style bagels that are gluten-free. While it is not currently possible to visit the bakery and see the nutritious baking process, it is possible to enjoy Sweet Note bagels at several eateries throughout the city.  According to Michelle MacDonald CEO & Founder of Sweet Note, the crusty, yummy bagels appear on the menu every day of the year at La Va Café at the corner of 21st street and South St.
Tomato Pie. Locals refer to the focaccia-like crusted pie loaded with tomatoes, herbs, parmesan, and olive oil as Sicilian pizza. For tomato lovers this delicacy cannot be beat whether hot from the oven or room temperature at leisure. Marchiano’s Bakery is one of the best spots to secure the perfect tomato pie it is also the place to sample oreganata, carefully rolled bread stuffed with varieties of meats, vegetables, cheeses, and the freshest of spices. (Marchiano’s Bakery 4653 Umbria St, Philadelphia, PA 19127 or (215) 483-8585 or

Best Gelato in Philadelphia at Capofitto Pizzaria & Gelateria Chocolates from 1863. Shane Confectionary on Old town is the oldest operating chocolate factory in America and any visit will be rewarding if chocolate is your thing. They offer artful chocolates and often have unique seasonal delights. One of the best examples:  For more than 100 years, during the month of March Shane creates a tempting tribute to Ireland combining sweet spuds, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, shredded coconut, and cinnamon for a spiced finish. (Shane Candy Company 110 Market Street. (215) 922-1048  

Best Gelato.
If the town square of San Gimignano in Tuscany is not in your immediate plans then Capofitto Pizzaria & Gelateria is the best answer for gelato lovers. The sign on the sidewalk outside the eatery says it all, "Gelato so good you'll crave it when it is 30 degrees below". The selection of flavors is both tempting and annoying, each one looking too delicious to pass up. The location also serves exceptionally delicious and oh so filling Neapolitan pizza definitely meant to be eaten with a fork as well as homemade focaccia, calzone, and pastries.  (Capofitto 233 Chestnut Street. (215) 897-9999 or

Bassett’s Ice Cream at Reading Market. In 1892, Lewis Dubois Bassett opened for business at Reading Terminal Market. That location is in the same spot and still serving customers from the original marble counters. They once served yellow tomato ice cream. Today Bassetts has dozens of decadent flavors to tempt customers. I suggest giving Gadzooks! (a custom Flavor)a try if decadent chocolate ice cream threaded with caramel and dotted with peanut butter brownie pieces and chocolate chunks sounds at all tempting. (Bassets 45 North 12th Street Reading Terminal Market (215) 925-4315 or Sum in Philadelphia's Chinatown

Dim Sum in Chinatown. Philadelphia’s Chinatown is not as expansive as New York or San Francisco but it does offer an array of possibilities for sampling Asian cuisine. For success with children dim sum at I Green Asian is an excellent and affordable option. The proprietors have you children themselves and so they understand about family dining offering yummy, hand crafted noodles to satisfy even the pickiest of eater. And if you are in the vicinity, they deliver. (1028 Arch Street or

Content and images posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files. Copyright 2015.