Advertising Specs

Ad sizes, specifications, general guidelines including video rich media:

All Insertion Orders are subject to the terms and provisions of quoted rate. Travel Communications, Inc. reserves the right to refuse or cancel any Insertion Order, without cause, at any time. All Insertion Orders are subject to acceptance by Travel Communications, Inc. All rates are quoted in net U.S. dollars. No stand alone banner ads are accepted. All banner ads must run with an article sponsorship.

  1. 120 x 600 IMU (skyscraper)* 30k max for gif, jpeg rich media and flash.  Size used for Home Page Display and use on Article pages. 
  2. 300 x 250 IMU (medium box)* 40k max for gif, jpeg rich media and flash
  3. 160 x 600 IMU (wide skyscraper)* 30k max for gif, jpeg rich media and flash

Border all ads.
* -Max file size for Video progressive download is 100k

  • All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on
  • Ads do not have a "looping" limit
  • Ads are served via Javascript or standard html
  • All expanding ad units must be user initiated
  • All sound must be initiated by a user click. Once clicked, sound may start. Advertisement must have an always present, clearly labeled on/off button.
  • All rich media ads must have an alternate GIF versions of creative

Third Party Ads Tags are accepted.
Lead Time / Delivery

Three business days for standard creative.
Five business days for rich media:

  • All video ad creative
  • Expanding ad creative


Send banner ad, URL destination as necessary via electronic mail to: Phone for deliver confirmation: (813) 968-4799.

Make goods: To be provided by extending the order beyond the contracted flight period until all guaranteed impressions are delivered. The advertiser will be given the option to determine when the make good will run in the contract year based on availability.

Cancellation Policy: Orders for advertising may be cancelled with 14 days (10 business days) prior notice. If the Advertiser cancels the order, in whole or in part, additional short rate charges may be due and payable. Short rates will also be applied when ad formats originally scheduled pursuant to the insertion order are not supplied to (for example, Advertiser has committed to a Banner/Text buy per the insertion order, but only supplies creative in banner format). Exclusive and non-exclusive sponsorships are non-cancelable.

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