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Tell Mom. Share the fun stuff.  Give feedback to TheFiles and our readers about your family travel experiences. Do you have a favorite campground? Where is the best family beach? Which company offers the best rental car deals for families?Tell Mom about Cool Stuff  Name your favorite family travel services, products, places or things and tell me why. Turn in the grumps. We like to follow the rule if you cannot say something positive say nothing however silence will not improve bad service or inferior products. Sometimes it is helpful to share disappointments or point out family travel pitfalls.

How to Tell Mom Each e-mail comment must include the following:
Tell Mom in the subject line. Your name, contact phone number, zip code or country code (For office use only, it will not be published.) The name you wish to appear with your comment.
Your comment: Please send between 75 and 100 words plus any relevant contact information useful to other parents. 

Tell me what you think.   Please remember we will not share your personal information or e-mail with others but we may need to contact you if we have a question or need a clarification.

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