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This page features Louisiana family vacation ideas including things to do with kids, and family-friendly hotels, resorts,  and campgrounds with vacation offers.Louisiana Family Vacation Ideas Best places for family vacation fun: Aquarium of the Americas, Audubon Zoo, Acadian Centers in Thibodaux, Lafayette, and Eunice, the Planetarium at the Louisiana Nature Center in New Orleans. Spot gators and enjoy Zydeco; visit plantations and hear tales of Brer Rabbit. Enjoy living history Cajun style.

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Secret Family Vacation Places in North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama.

I have identified a few terrific family vacation spots yet to be discovered by the masses, places with a high fun factor, low crowd levels and no long lines or schedules. [Read More]

Jellystone Park Camping Resorts Not for the Ordinary Bear.

Looking to lighten up and laugh a little more? Want to camp out and share s’mores or play laser tag with your kids or better yet introduce your family to Yogi Bear? [Read More]

Away for the Holidays Destination New Orleans with Free Movies ,Music and Dinosaurs.

New Orleans sparkles during the holiday season with a month long celebration which includes thousands of twinkling lights, caroling, tasty treats, shopping specials, a parade, and a “Zoo Year” celebration. [Read More]

New Orleans, Meet One of Audubon’s Cute African Penguins.

At Aquarium of the Americas it is possible to share a once-in-a lifetime, interactive close-up encounter with an endangered African penguin. [Read More]

Louisiana: Celebrate Mardi Gras with Family-Friendly Events on the Louisiana Coast.

New Orleans in not the only city to celebrate Mardi Gras. Parish celebrations along the coast offer a truly family-friendly atmosphere, enabling kids, parents and grandparents to share this special time of year. [Read More]

Southeast US Best Places to Vacation with Dinosaurs and Kids.

To add extra value to any family vacation with young children one of the easiest things to do is find a dinosaurs or two. Maybe you can’t recreate Dinotopia but you can enjoy imagining together. [Read More]

Louisiana: Baton Rouge, Family Vacation Ideas – Bayou Adventures, Zulu Patrol, and Meeting a Baby Giraffe.

Imagine a family vacation spot with sunshine and Southern hospitality, Zydeco, Blues and Cajun music plus cafe au lait, and etouffe. A spot where having fun is easy and days include spotting alligators, counting turtles, living history, water rides and sky watching; nights include music, theatre, delicious menus and maybe a fais do do. [Read More]

Louisiana: Natchitoches - Family Vacations Combine History, Plantations, and a Hollywood Connection.

Natchitoches is a city for a calming, comfy getaway perfect for mature family time. If you loved Steel Magnolias then this is the town for you, starting with the Landmark Historic District. [Read More]

Louisiana: Lafayette, Family Vacations with History, Music, and Acadian Culture.

In Lafayette there's something for everyone, so prepare to be delighted, educated, inspired and best of all to be entertained with toe tapping rhythms. [Read More]

USA: National Wildlife Refuges, Family Vacation Idea - Checkout Historic Homes in the Wild.

Everyone knows that in the U.S. national wildlife refuges provide safe haven to more than 700 species of birds, 200 species of mammals. But did you know many refuges also reflect America’s history by protecting historic homes found amid wilderness. [Read More]

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