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View this page for Washington DC family vacation ideas inlcuding things to do with kids, and family friendly hotels with vacaiton packages.Washington DC Family Vacation Ideas Best things to do with kids inlcude: exploring the International Spy Museum and the Newseum; visiting the National Zoo and picnicing at the National Arboretum. Make plans to attend the Festival of American Folklife or stop by Kennedy Center for the daily (free) Performing Arts Celebration. Best places to share with kids. In a word Smithsonian – each museum offering a world-class experience.

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School Rules: Advice for Vacations with Children Six through 12 years of Age.

School Rules TravelPhase spans the best years for combining family togetherness with memory making experiences. Our suggestions include beach vacations, camping resorts, river rafting adventures, family camps, mountaintop escapes, theme parks excursions, and urban adventures. [Read More]

Washington DC Family Vacation Ideas with Dugouts, Espionage, and the Pony Express.

From the Museum of the American Indian and the intriguing International Spy Museum to the more cozy National Postal Museum and the new interactive Museum of Holocaust, Washington DC presents plenty of ways to have fun with kids. [Read More]

7 Reasons to Visit DC during the Holidays.

Between now and New Year's Day, Washington, DC celebrates the season with free (and almost free) festivals, unique shopping, family-friendly theater, concerts and lights. [Read More]

7 Ways to Ensure a Better Day at the Zoo.

Each zoo visit presents countless ways educate, entertain and engage. The best zoos facilitate family fun and enable directed learning but the key to success requires a bit of advanced preparation and planning. Like so much in life, less is more. [Read More]

Talk with the Animals.

The possibilities for zoo based interactive family experiences have increased annually so the opportunities to share learning-through-play experiences have never been better. Optimizing your mini zoo adventure takes just a bit of planning. [Read More]

Washington DC Family Vacations with Rockets, Dinosaurs, and a Panda.

DC offers enough museums, theaters, events, and activities to fill a book. Our action list focuses on the best places to enjoy science and nature including the best options for families with school age children. [Read More]

Washington DC: Family Vacations - Go Where the Shopping Is Terrific.

The neighborhoods of Washington, DC have become the place to go for unique shopping. Home furnishings, shoe stores, and food emporia are tucked between cafes and row houses in Dupont Circle and on Capitol Hill. [Read More]

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