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View this page for Kentucky family vacation ideas including things to do with kids, and family-friendly hotels, campgrounds, and resorts with vacation offerings. Kentucky Family Vacation IdeasBest places for family vacation fun: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Newport Aquarium, Louisville Zoo, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, Mammoth Cave National Park, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park,  Hardin Planetarium, and GunTown Mountain. Visit Space Voyager Planetarium or tour Hensley Settlement; listen to toe-tapping mountain music or take a cave tour. Visit a Kentucky horse farm or go family camping in Land Between the Lakes. 

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Jellystone Park Camping Resorts Not for the Ordinary Bear.

Looking to lighten up and laugh a little more? Want to camp out and share s’mores or play laser tag with your kids or better yet introduce your family to Yogi Bear? [Read More]

Boomerang! Creates Audio Voyages for Kids.

Obtaining a subscription to Boomerang! is a sneaky way to have more fun with your kids. The audio magazine format presented for kids, by kids covers relevant topics in a pure kid-style and includes stories, quirky anecdotes, and kid humor. [Read More]

Earth-Friendly Family Vacations - The Greener, The Better.

With Earth Day celebrations scheduled throughout April, planning a green family vacation makes perfect sense and our Green Spots folder is loaded with responsible, earth-friendly, family-friendly vacation ideas. [Read More]

Southeast US Best Places to Vacation with Dinosaurs and Kids.

To add extra value to any family vacation with young children one of the easiest things to do is find a dinosaurs or two. Maybe you can’t recreate Dinotopia but you can enjoy imagining together. [Read More]

Bike Rentals Connect with Rail-Trails across United States.

Two fundamentals of recreation have come together as nationwide bike rental network joins forces with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC), which drives the conversion of former railroad lines into recreational paths. [Read More]

Advice: Three Great Products for Your Family.

We are always interested in products that will make family vacation travel healthier, easier, safer, and stress free. We are sharing a few products which do just that – make things easy, safe, stress-free, and healthy - meaning more fun without effort. [Read More]

Bach’s Family Vacation Rescue Remedy.

Any travel with children can be stressful but during the sometime frantic holiday season the chance for stress is multiplied. Bach Kids Rescue Remedy and the full line of Bach Flower Remedies are an all-natural, alcohol free, non-narcotic healing system which can help relieve children’s stress, worries, and anxiety. [Read More]

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Jellystone Park and Camp Resort - Cave City, KY

Stay in a camping cabin near Mammoth Cave & Dinosaur World. [Read More]

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Kentucky - Coupons for Fun!

Save on attractions museums and adventures at! [Read More]

The Inn at Shaker Village - Harrodsburg, KY

Sleep the kids in history. [Read More]

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