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This page showcase Rhode Island family vacation ideas including things to do with kids, and family-friendly hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals with vacation packages.Rhode Island Family Vacation Ideas  Best places for family vacation fun: Roger William’s Zoo, or Heritage Harbor Museum. Visit Providence Children's Museum and Museum of Natural History. Visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame or enjoy a Pawtucket Red Sox game; Experience living history at The Astors’ Beechwood or lunch at the American Diner Museum. Share time in Roger Williams Park at Carousel Village.

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Family TravelPhases - Sometimes Age Matters on Vacation.

For a successful family vacation the ages and stages of children will matter because some destinations and certainly some activities are age sensitive. What thrills a three-year-old child will not tempt a 10 year old and will most certainly bore a teen. [Read More]

Five Terrific Grandparent, Grandchild Authentic Vacation Ideas – Doing Cool Stuff in the Real World.

Sharing authentic, one-of-a-kind vacation experiences with the next generation is one of the benefits of being a grandparent. Do the cool stuff with your grandkids and let their parents do the rest. [Read More]

Northeast Best Beach Spots for Family Vacation Fun.

Just as no two families are alike, no two beaches in the Northeast match. In addition to sand, sun and surf the best beaches offer music, tempting summer beach food, funky rides and the beauty of Mother Nature. [Read More]

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