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This page showcases Italy family vacation ideas including things to do with kids, family friendly hotels, hostels, short-stay vacation rentals with vacation offers.Italy Family Vacation Ideas  From the amazing Dolomites with Tyrolean-style hotels to the secret coves and beaches south of Rome memories are waiting. Trek the streets of ancient Rome or visit Pompeii. Best of all share scrumptious gelato or spumoni with your kids. For more ideas consider France, Spain, Switzerland or go back to family vacations in Europe.

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Great Family Rail Travel Vacation Ideas for Summer.

There is no limit to the possibilities for stress-free family fun when part of your holiday includes boarding a train. The potential for relaxation and quality family time make traveling by rail ideal. [Read More]

Rome Family Vacation Ideas Include Vatican Museums, Catacombs, and Pasta.

From icons of the ancient world and classic forms of transportation to Segway tours and memorialized pasta, the city remains eternally remarkable. I have assembled a short list of the best museums in Rome, including the Vatican “Family Tour” as well as eerie catacombs and contemporary venues - each worth a visit. [Read More]

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