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This page showcases California family vacation ideas, activities and family fun along the Central Coast and in the Central ValleyCalifornia Central Coast & Valley Family Vacation Ideas including family-friendly hotels in in Big Sur, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Stockton. For more ideas and family vacation packages checkout Family Vacation Ideas Los Angeles, San Francisco South Bay Vacations, Family Vacation Ideas Southern California or to see the big picture view California Family Vacations.

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Earth-Friendly Family Vacations - The Greener, The Better.

Planning a green family vacation makes perfect sense and our Green Spots folder is loaded with responsible, earth-friendly, family-friendly vacation ideas. [Read More]

7 Smart Stocking Stuffers Offering Kids Extra Fun on Vacation.

There are many ways to add to family vacation fun but sometimes the little things make all the difference to a child. Suggestions include a personal compass, travel pillows, bug goggles, and music for little people. [Read More]

Family Reunions and Togethering in California.

Our list of suggestions for a family reunion or gathering in California include an urban hotel, two guest ranches, and three awesome beach resorts with activities, amenities and benefits for all ages. [Read More]

California: Santa Clara, Family Vacation Ideas – A Mystery House, Tech Space, and Snoopy.

San Francisco’s South Bay area is a family friendly, easy paced area where families can share time without long lines and schedules. [Read More]

Coolest Campgrounds Offer Unique Family Vacation Experiences and Extra Fun - No Tents Needed.

Gone are the days when family camping meant a cozy tent, a collection of slightly damp sleeping bags, and a lantern. New age family camping includes extra cool sleeping spots and plenty of unique vacation activities including fun stuff you don't get to do at home. [Read More]

Ojai Valley Family Vacation Ideas - Kayaking, Surfing, and Hiking.

Arid, sunny and dramatically beautiful, the Central California Coast offers families plenty of ways to get out and have fun. The area includes Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura. From hiking and stargazing to surfing and kayaking no two days will be the same. [Read More]

California Family Camps – Affordable Summer Fun.

Why not be selfish? Go to camp with your kids. At family camp the whole family gets in on the fun - ideal for creating memories. The lodgings are basic, meals and many activities are included and the experience is easy on the family vacation budget. [Read More]

Monterey Bay Aquarium – Family Vacation WOW! Factor - Explore the Deep Blue Sea.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the United States and is ranked third best family attraction in the United States by the Zagat Survey U.S. Family Travel Guide. It definitely deserves a place on any family’s “to-do” list. [Read More]

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Go for the Jellies Experience.

Share something really cool with your kids- something that must be seen to be explained. The jellies exhibition blends live exhibits of graceful drifters with unusual interactive activities. [Read More]

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