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DinoLabs Offers Immersive Fun for Young Dinosaur Lovers. Imaginative, energizing, and loaded with automatic learning potential, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has made use of the latest immersive technology to ensure the new dinosaur gallery will delight all ages. The new gallery adds a high tech to the ever popular DinoDig®, which is a magnetic for young dinosaur lovers. DinoLabs Panorama at Forth Museum of Science & History

Here is the scoop. DinoLabs features prehistoric specimens, artifacts and dinosaurs from the Museum’s noted paleontology collection. The lab area features interactive digital technology engaging visitors in the process of discovering. DinoLabs Old bones at Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

DinoLabs tells the story of Bone to Stone, an earth sciences study of fossilization. The renovation of the nearly 4,000 square foot gallery began with the move of Paluxysaurus jonesi, the official State Dinosaur of Texas. Allosaurus and Camptosaurus, the “Fighting Dinosaurs,” are highlights of the exhibition which also features the Museum’s Tenontosaurus dossi discovered in nearby Parker County.
“This remarkable gallery represents where we are headed as an institution,” said Van Romans, Museum President. “It is the seamless integration of technology with dinosaur specimens and artifacts from our collection.” The movement technology was designed specifically for the Museum’s gallery to create an immersive space where anything is possible. DinoLabs Discoveries Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

Computer stations in DinoLand bring dinosaurs to life on an immense 19-foot curved screen. DinoStomp encourages romping in a prehistoric world. Movement is tracked along a 20-foot video wall with animated creatures interacting at every turn. These experiences will unleash creativity, the power of expression and nurture spatial intelligence and logical thinking skills. DinoLabs fosters an understanding of earth sciences, geology and even conservation through the story of the dinosaur, which plays an important role in learning and discovery. 

"It’s a re-imagined paleontology collection in a gallery which allows guests both young and old to delve into the study of dinosaurs in a remarkable environment filled with interactive technology, specimens and rare artifacts,” said Romans. 

Location on the Planet. 1600 Gendy St. Fort Worth, TX 76107. 

Make it happen. The Museum is open daily, except Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. (817) 255-9300 or visit for more information.
Text posted with comments by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files. Images courtesy Fort Worth Museum Science and History. Copyright 2017. 

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