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Dinos Alive! - An Interactive Jurassic Adventure in Tampa. Lowry Park Zoo is inviting dinosaur lovers of all ages to get up close to an array of life-size dinosaurs who have become zoo residents, at least for the next few months. Dinos Alive! at Lowry park Zoo in Tampa.

Here’s the scoop.  Dinos Alive! is back once again. The annual Jurassic adventure area features a series of animatronic dinosaurs in a tropical setting, moving, and roaring of course. Imaging just got easier.  The experience makes it easier for young dinosaur lovers to understand more about the gigantic reptiles while providing a few thrills in the process. 

The exhibit is populated with all-time favorites including Tyrannosaurus, one of the largest and most powerful meat eaters of its time, and the gigantic but more loveable Brachiosaurus, an elegant herbivore. The multi-sensory installation of dinosaurs is meant to engage the imagination of guests with their life like movements and sounds. More than a dozen additional participants of mammoth size populate the zoo’s jungle, and include Dilophosaurus, Quetzalocoatlus, and Suchomimus. 

Paleontology protégés are invited to explore with a Lowry Park Dino Passport which is loaded with dino facts. Additional activities include a fossil hunting dig site, a build your own dinosaur at “Build-a-Saurus” spot, and a new show, Dinos Among Us. Also new this year, guests will feast on dino-sized food and drinks at the recently renovated Dino Grille.Docile Manatees at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

Manatees and dinosaurs what better combination? The docil, salad eating manatees are permanet residients. The dinosaur encounter has a limited engagement. 
Here’s the deal. The good news is Dinos Alive! is included with daytime admission and free for zoo members or guests who paid for a day to come back all year. Zoo members will get an exclusive sneak preview of the exhibit, February 17-24. Commemorative gifts and complimentary Dino Passports will be given to members while supplies last. For 2017 the annual event runs from February 25 – August. 

The Zoo also offers oodles of exceptional experiences for youngsters who are curious. No two trips will ever be the same but each one will offer excetional ways to share the wonder of nature with your kids. Bonus Points: To make a real life connection with the past, guests are invited to participate in an Indian rhinoceros encounter, species vulnerable to extinction. Lowry park Zoo Goat Encounter in Tampa

Naturally there are dozens of additional reasons to spend time at Lowery Park Zoo. Two spots not to miss. First, I think spending time manatee watching is a must. The uniqueness of the habitat defines a sense of place showcasing Florida’s natural residents. And the calming aquarium like space provides the perfect environment for one-on-one experiences with a child. Second is the children’s zoo complex complete with gregarious goats. The area is ideal for young children who are naturally inquisitive. It is a space where laughter and giggles prevail. And I must admit equally tempting for young hands is the interactive ray pool. Any day of the year Lowery Park delivers terrific experiences for families.
Location on the planet. Lowry Park Zoo 1101 W Sligh Ave, Tampa, FL 33604. (813) 935-8552 or 

Content provided by Lowry Park Zoo with image provided by Lisa Kamps-Duac. Additional comments by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files. Additional images by Krys Kamps. Copyright 2017. 

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