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Caribbean Family Vacation Adventures Tropical Ziplining on St. Lucia. Caribbean ziplining fun for families on St. LuciaThere I was standing at least 40 feet above the ground, about to fly through the air. I kept asking myself, what am I doing? I hate heights. Before I had an answer I heard someone say, ready? Okay go! I was soaring through the air on a zipline. My panic subsided. I forgot about how I don’t like heights. It really felt like I was flying. I landed at the second platform knowing that I wanted to continue along the zipline. It was amazing.

I went ziplining on spring break, it was simply awesome. Actually it was not my idea, the ziplining part. I imagined staying at the resort (Coconut Bay Resort and Spa) and just chilling out. My plan was to sleep late; get some sun; go to the spa. My mom had other plans and ziplining through the rainforest was at the top of the list.

Plans were made for our adventure away from the resort. I wasn’t really sure how we were going to do this but the idea seemed kind of neat. The only thing that scared me was the heights involved. I hate heights. I was not alone. About half of the group felt panic about doing the adventure. At the suggestion of our guide one person decided to go tandem (with a guide) in order to feel more secure. It is an option for parents with smaller children or wimps of any age. I don’t get the point but at least they still get to fly through the trees and have a not-to- be-believed thrill.

St. Lucia Palm Services is the company which leads the Rainforest Canopy Adventures. Before the actual adventure begins there is some preparation needed. When we arrived I noticed that everybody was wearing hairnets as well as helmets. Everyone looked like they were about to go rock climbing. I asked what the hairnet was for because I didn’t want to wear it. Sani, one of the guides, told me it was so my hair wouldn’t get caught on the line and be ripped off my head. I decided to wear the net. In about a minute I looked just like everybody else. My uniform complete, I followed the others to the first station.

Our treetop guides, Danley, Sani, Lawson, Jean-Luc, and Vernette made sure every person felt comfortable and knew what to do next. The walk was short and once we got there I found myself at the front of the group. Then I realized that people assumed that I would be going first. I wanted to seem brave so I did. I hate heights. I have to admit that I was scared and quietly freaked out on the way to the first platform. I kept asking myself what if the line breaks? I calmed down once my first platform station transition was complete. The zipline connects platforms at various locations throughout the rainforest. The course is set so that the space between platforms keeps getting longer and longer. There are nine platforms and six different ziplines that weave through the rainforest. The sixth one was definitely the best because it was the longest and I went the fastest.

dventureNot only was the ziplining fun but it was a beautiful day and the rainforest was extremely pretty. I have never seen so many shades of green. Flying through the canopy over a mountain stream is really awesome. I saw orchids, colorful birds and fluorescent-winged butterflies and lots of bamboo. The best part is the sensation of moving effortlessly through the treetops. There is really nothing to panic about. I hate heights and I loved it.

Ziplining through the rainforest and visiting the volcano made my stay in St. Lucia the best that it could possibly be. I had so much fun, I would go back there right now if I could. And the next time I go, it will be much harder to bring me back. In the meantime I have an answer to the question what did you do on spring break? I went ziplining on St. Lucia. I hate heights but it was a blast.


Caribbean: St. Lucia Palm Services. In addition to Rainforest Canopy Adventures (ziplining), this company also has bike tours, and kayaking on the north side of the island. The best way to arrange an adventure is to contact hotel services. For information and reservations 1(758) 458-0908, fax is 1(758) 452-8163, or
About the author: Jaime Kamps-Duac, a teen with travel savvy, is a frequent contributor to and loves sports and spas. Copyright updated 2017.

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