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Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa in Cosat Rica – Color Your Family Vacation Green. Costa Rica Flamingo Beach Resor PoolEarth friendly describes Costa Rica so it is not surprising to find a commitment to environmental sustainability in combination with a family friendly atmosphere at Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa.

It’s easy to be green. Crowned by volcanic mountain ranges in the east - with fertile lowlands and stunning beaches in the west - the province of Guanacaste is an enchanting paradise. Its residents are keenly aware of their own connection to the earth. Supporting sustainability, Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa makes it easy for parents and grandparents to enjoy a green family vacation.  

Few resort green destinations can match the warm hospitality, inviting comfort, and spectacular beach setting. The staff facilitate earth friendly activities including fishing, diving and lake windsurfing, boat cruises and horseback riding as well as visits to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks with dramatic waterfalls and fiery volcanoes. Bonus points: During turtle nesting season (May to July) it is even possible to participate in a night excursion to watch the leatherback turtles nest their eggs.
Earth friendly activities for all ages. There are oodles “green” ways to share family fun. Go swimming in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Build sandcastles with your kids. Take a walk on the beautiful "blue-flag" ecological beach and create your own sunset ceremony. Hike up the hills in the surrounding area listen to resident howler monkeys. Search for giant iguanas or listen to the squawking of macaws. Enjoy a complimentary yoga lesson; play a game of beach volleyball; take salsa lessons. They are all part of the daily guest activities program. Pick up a in the lending library and leave a book you have finished for another guest to enjoy. Enjoy an organic natural clay treatment at Serenity Spa. 
Costa Rica Flamingp Beach Resort Earth Friendly RoomsHow green will your resort vacation be?  Flamingo Beach Resort has set earth friendly policies in place. For example: All of the products used in our housekeeping, food & beverage and laundry departments are biodegradable and certified as environmentally safe. They do not use any abrasive products that contain acids or bleach, and all paints are 100% lead-free. Before any garbage leaves our premises for the local landfill, all contents are completely sifted and any recyclable bags, bottles, cans and other plastic and/or metal products are separated for recycling. 

Energy use. The Resort works diligently to save energy in a number of important ways including the use of biodiesel fuel derived from cooking oil used in the kitchen, the installation and use of low-energy consumption lamps, light bulbs and appliances, and judicious use of washers, dryers and hot water heaters.

Water use. Water is one of the most precious resources in the dry, tropical forest, so they work particularly hard to maximize water savings through flow meters and pressure control, and carefully treat our wastewater at our own treatment plant that meets the highest international environmental standards and is constantly monitored and tested to improve water quality. 

Community connections. Assisting local communities is an important part of the commitment to creating a better world. For example, they collaborate closely with CEPIA Association-a non-profit organization that seeks to promote health, education, sports and culture for children and teenagers from low-income families in Guanacaste's coastal communities-by providing food, supplies, meeting and banquet spaces for a variety of their sponsored events. 

Location on the planet: Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa, Playa Flamingo Santa Cruz, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Make it happen:
Toll-free 1-877-450-3507, 011-506-2-654-4444 or

Content and images provided by Flamingo Beach Resort, costa Rica. Updated copyright 2014.
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