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Spring Break Make It Happen Now. Thomson Family Adventures has some terrific spring break escapes crafted to make certain that everyone in the family gets a break.Thomson Family Adventure Peru 

For those of you who may not have spring break or Thomson on your radar screen there are two things which are noteworthy. First, the assortment of destinations is tempting places - Peru, Thailand, Baja, Costa Rica, Panama, and Tanzania. Second, their family adventure tours are sorted by age which means they have created itineraries for families of all ages including those with teens or 20-somethings and through years of tour experiences they have the grandparent-grandchild rhythm perfected.Thomson Family Adventures Spring Break Baja
Here’s the scoop. There is no need for me to describe what you can browse for yourself at their website. Our family’s two favorite destinations on the list – Thailand and Costa Rica. We love Thailand because of the azure water surrounding Phuket, exotic food flavors and aromas, and the mahouts with their elephants. Costa Rica because of the cool cloud forest canopy walks, zip-lining, drinking fresh coconut milk and watching giant iguanas. Both destinations have smiling, friendly people who enjoy sharing their culture with kids of all ages.

I have highlighted three promising itineraries as examples but it was tough to choose because the choices for uncommon family experiences are many. Bonus Points: On every Thomson tour with eight or more participants a tour mentor will travel along to provide hands-on activities, games and reading materials for children.

Tanzania: Wildlife, the Maasai and the Serengeti. Just imagine traveling in custom four-wheel drive Land Rover safari vehicles along back roads following dusty tracks and having a new surprise every day. Each tour allows for unique opportunities to meet villagers, school children, artisans, the Maasai, Tanzanian guides. Expect to see Mother Nature’s daily documentary which may include a lion stalking a herd of zebras; hundreds of gazelles springing across a dirt road; a family of tiny dik-dik antelope hidden in the tall grass; elephants with their young babies drinking and bathing at a watering hole; hippos wallowing in a pool; or a family of cheetahs patiently hunting its prey.Thomson Family Adventures Spring Break Thailand
Thailand: Phuket, Chiang Mai and a Reclining Buddha. Thailand is a land of startling contrast - luxurious palaces filled with unimaginable treasures and humble mountain villages. Phuket's crystal clear waters will mesmerize and the bustling water markets of Bangkok will amaze. Families will learn how to train elephants at the National Elephant Institute; paddle through limestone caves off of Phuket; ride the rapids of the Mae Tang River. From a culinary adventure of Thai to Thailand's ancient Buddhist traditions the trip is an exotic, horizon-expanding adventure. 

Panama: Jungle Adventures, Sunny Beaches and the Panama Canal.  Panama offers visitors smiling residents and a chance to practice Spanish with a purpose. There is an opportunity to interact with the indigenous Emberá people who live a traditional lifestyle alongside the Panama Canal. Activities include exploring the cloud forest reserve in Baru Volcano National Park; rafting the Esti River through a forest of ancient ferns and trees populated by monkeys and sleepy sloths; snorkeling the waters of Bastimentos Marine National Park and its spectacular coral reefs; seeing the Panama Canal and the Miraflores Locks and interpretive canal exhibit; visiting Gatun Lake and riding in traditional dugout piraguas along the Chagres River. 

Make it happen. Thomson Family Adventure 14 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472. Toll-free  1-800-262-6255 FREE or
Content researched and posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files with images provided by Thomson Family Adventures. Copyright updated 2017.

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