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Florida: Cocoa Beach, Space Coast Family Vacations with Beach Time Surfing Together.  FLSpaceCoast357Beach In the last decade the sport of surfing has evolved to include just about anyone who loves the beach. The combination of sunshine, seagulls, sunscreen, sand and surf create the ultimate backdrop for a family vacation at the beach with surfing as part of the fun.

In Florida surfers thrive on the waves along the Atlantic Coast. Perhaps the premier surfing spot is Cocoa Beach, the home of Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. Surfing is about having more fun. Surf camps meet the needs of youngsters as young as six and clinics coach seniors holding their own at 76 and families just wanting to share an adventure together.

The scene is set. It’s family vacation time. The unmistakable sound of the Beach Boys “Little Surfer Girl” wafts through speakers; the rich essence of Panama Jack sunscreen teases shoppers as they browse the racks for surf garb; white crested waves break the blue of the horizon; pelicans cruise along the beach casting shadows on sun worshippers, the carefree beach attitude is contagious. Visitors can easily imagine wearing flip-flops the rest of their lives and never leaving home without Nosekote.

No friction, just fun. Surfing is a lifestyle not just a sport. In Cocoa Beach it is possible to sample the beach/surf lifestyle for a few days and learn the sport of surfing at the same time. Several companies offer lessons for families, camps for kids and clinics for ages and skills. Where surfers are, generations mix with little friction. On vacation what could be better, no friction just fun.

Catch the same wave. As sports go surfing is becoming a popular family sport. For anyone that enjoys sun, sea and surf, a logical addition is surfing. Luckily those who have mastered the sport have in the process learned to be patient. And being patient allows them to teach those with more desire than skill. On the Space Coast all ages and all skill levels will feel welcome. It is the perfect spot for families to surf, learn to surf or watch others learn to surf. Bonus points: Like most with a passion for a sport, surfers love to talk about catching the perfect wave. Surfers are basically happy people who are able to poetically describe waves creating the romantic impression that surfing is effortless.

It is almost as easy as it looks. Surfers that teach have a unique way of building confidence in their students while inching them from the sand to the sea. First of all, forget about the film version of surfing -- the scenes with seemingly unending rides on beautifully arching waves -- get real. Learning to surf is as easy as one, two three and for beginners, any wave is a thrill.

Surf in one week. FLSpaceCoast357SurfAccording to Brian Gail, owner of NextGen Surf Company, anyone can learn to surf in a week. All it takes is lessons, coaching and practice, all of which are fun. The land drills provide a glimpse of what skills will be needed and the one-on-one pointers ease the anxiety often associated with practicing a new sport. The nice thing about learning to surf is the casual yet matter-of-fact attitude of surfers with a passion for the waves. It’s all about fun, a lot of fun and they know it. Bonus points: Families that surf together have plenty to talk about at dinner.

It’s all about balance. Anyone can stand surfer-style, right? At least anyone can do it if the board is flat on the sandy beach. The trick is striking that pose while standing on a board floating on an ocean with waves, moving waves - that’s what you learn in a surf clinic.

Try to sit still. For veteran surfers the waiting, feeling the rhythm of the waves and smelling the aroma of sunscreen, salt air and the sea, is part of the ritual. For newbies, it is anxiety time. Once in place, as defined by the surfing coach, it is time to chill. The anxiety part is the waiting as each wave passes leaving novice bodies trying to remember the action steps to standing while not losing sight of the home base beach marker. When the right wave is caught and the ride complete the feeling is awesome. The reaction: let’s do it again!

Just do it, surf this summer. Summer is the ideal time to take a family beach vacation and learn to surf together. It’s the perfect solution to beach boredom. The Space Coast, a.k.a. Florida’s Surf Coast, offers warm water, great waves and a carefree summer holiday atmosphere. It is a destination that provides pure fun in the surf, near the surf or on the surf.

Make it happen. Location on the planet. The Space Coast stretches 72 miles along Florida's East Coast and is best known as the home of Kennedy Space Center. Just 35 miles east of Orlando, it is also offers the closest beaches away from theme parks.  Area communities include Titusville, Cocoa Beach, Cocoa, Melbourne and Palm Bay.
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NexGen Surf Company. They offer surf clinics every Saturday at a cost of $60 for three hours, offer both private a group surf lessons and conduct a series of 11 week-long surf camps in the summer. The camps are based on the beach in front of the Comfort Inn located in Cocoa Beach. Students can also learn skateboarding and water safety. 218-A E. Eau Gallie Blvd. PMB 135 Indian Harbor Beach, 32937. (321) 591–9577 or

Ron Jon’s Surf School. Located one block north of Ron Jon Surf Shop, the school offers classes and clinics for beginners of all ages and they offer summer surf camps for kids. 150 E. Columbia Lane Cocoa Beach, 32931. (321) 868-1980 or

Ron Jon’s Surf Shop. Open 24 hours a day and every day of the year, this is place to get the clothes to look the part. Just look for the art deco castle at the corner of State Roads 520 & A1A, next to the famous rotating sign and let the fun begin. (321) 799-8888 ext 1313 or 

Cocoa Beach Surf Camp. They provide private, group and family surfing lessons. During the summer months they conduct a series of summer camps for families, teens, women, and mixed adults. Surf clinics for the general public are held on the first Saturday of the month; the cost is $75 per person for a 3-hour lesson. Toll-free 1-866-787-4688, (321) 441-3920 or

 Content researched and written by staff and images provided by Space Coast Torurism and FTF. Copyright 2012.
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