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Royal Tyrrell EnCana Badlands Family Science Camp Offers a WOW! Factor.  Alberta Dino Dig KidsAlberta is home to an exceptional family vacation experience. A place to camp under the stars, dig for dinosaur bones, hike through the badlands and best of all talk about dinosaurs with scientists who practice the science of paleontology. For young dinosaur lovers it is the perfect family adventure. 

Here's the scoop.
 EnCana Badlands Family Science Camp is natually fun, interactive, and educational. The multi-day camps for families combine the most enriching programs from their other science camps making them ideal for multi generaltions. Activities include prospecting for fossils in the badlands, making casts of real dinosaur bones, digging in a simulated quarry; taking behind-the-scenes tour of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and enjoying campfire fun with other families under a starry slky. 

Kids of all ages are welcome, but the weekend camp is best suited for families with children older than five years.  Parents or grandparents may choose to share the experience with another family in one of the authentic teepees or use their own camping eqipment for more privacy. 

The EnCana Badlands Family Science Camp is about learning through discoveries. The camp atmosphere provides an opportunity to develop a love of science and to practice scientific skills with scientists who love sharing  paleontology with newbies. 

Make it happen.
Call to reserve a space call toll-free in Alberta 310-0000 then (403) 823-7707, toll-free in North America (outside Alberta) 1-888-440-4240, Outside North America 1-403-823-7707.

Camp in. If you are not ready to camp out, the museum also offers camp-in programs for families.
Dig for fossils and create a take home fossil replica or engage with live reptiles and dream with dinosaurs. 

Dig for dinosaur bones.
Each summer the museum staff conducts 90-minute adventures. Participants (ages seven or older) use tools and techniques of paleontology along side a member of an excavation team working in the badlands. No two days will be the same. On the day we were there it was hot, dusty and so very real. We dusted off replicas of dinosaur bones and listened to fascinating stories explained by fossils. Bonus Points: Also during the summer months there is a special dino hour for children three to six years of age. 

Alberta Kids HikeThe Royal Tyrrell is a very impressive museum filled with artifacts, old bones, believable dioramas and caring docents. While with kids it can be a challenge, it is worth every exhasting minute because the memories will be lasting. It is the home of J.B. Tyrrell's initial Albertosaurus discovery and the rare blackened T. rex skull nicknamed "Black Beauty". Its winding interior pathways weave through and exciting collection dinosaurs reptiles and birds all connected to the past. 

Location on the planet. The Museum is only 90 minutes northeast of Calgary on Hwy 838 within Midland Provincial Park, 1500 North Dinosaur Trail Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0, Canada. (403) 823-7707 or

Content researched and posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel files. Images courtesy of Royal Tyrrell Museum. Updated copyright 2017.
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