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This page highlights dozens of vacation ideas which feature family travel by train including rail travel deals, savings, and discounts for families.Family Rail Travel Vacations  From visiting national parks with Amtrak to discovering Canada with ViaRail, the possibilities are many. Plan to share Europe with your kids, visit castles in Italy or keep it simple and just head to Scotland where rail savings are abundant.   Checkout the family vacation ideas featured below and for mini adventures during the holiday season view our popuilar Santa Trains folder. 

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Great Family Rail Travel Vacation Ideas for Summer.

There is no limit to the possibilities for stress-free family fun when part of your holiday includes boarding a train. The potential for relaxation and quality family time make traveling by rail ideal. [Read More]

5 of the Best Family Travel Gift Ideas – No Batteries Needed.

Gifting travel to loved ones has become more popular in the last few years. A family vacation gift box includes not just the experience but also anticipation and the promise of memories with no expiration date. [Read More]

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