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Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI – Huzzah! How about spending a Florida weekend in the 16th century complete with giants, jousting, jesters, fairies, falconry, storytelling, and troubadours? It’s a spring break adventure or weekend escape with screen-free family fun guaranteed.Tampa bay Renaissance Festival May Pole Dance

As I have mentioned many times before, Renaissance festivals provide parents and grandparents a meaningful way to share family time. It’s time travel at its best with oodles of ways to have fun and make discoveries together. Each year I look forward to Bay Area Renaissance Festival because of its outstanding entertainment and jovial, family-friendly atmosphere always including the magical fairy house competition. At the Bay Area Renaissance Festival laughter is not only encouraged, it is practiced daily.  Tampa bay Renaissance Festival War Horse Ride

Here’s the scoop.   From February 18 to April 2, 2017, the Bay Area Renaissance Festival offers families pure fun in Tampa with seven themed weekends, armored jousting, royal parades, human powered rides, silly stories, 12 stages with live entertainment, more than 100 artisan booths, and tempting food.
Huzzah! Because Renaissance faires create living history no two weekends or even days will be the same. Daily events at Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Festival create a fascinating framework from which everything else evolves. The royal parade sets the stage making everything seem quite proper. The interactive human chess matches with combat, stage-fighting are always hilarious and never boring. The jousting tournament always adds excitement to the festival. Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival Magic Pot

Every weekend offers families interesting activities. In addition to face painting, hair braiding and delightful costumes, kids will enjoy talking to a rather quirky living tree and riding on a human powered unicorn. Ride an elephant, watch the awesome Blue Mermaids and cheer at the Warhorse Jousting. Clap at the antics of the popular Tortuga Twins and listen to the melodies of Geoffery the Piper. Acrobellum is amazing and the Jypsy Jesters always create laughter.Tampa Bat Renaissance Festival Kids Realm

The themed weekends make return visits tempting. I have highlighted some of the best for families with young children. During the Highland Fling weekend there’s a caber toss for children, “Men in Kilts” competition, and a sauerkraut eating contest. Shamrocks and Shenanigans weekend brings Irish heritage activities for all ages including step dancer, Irish music, Celtic Village vendors, Irish Heavy Games, and my favorite - the mashed potato eating contest. Subsequent weekends watch the State Royal Archery Championships where archers test their skills with in classic categories: Olympic recurve, modern longbow, and traditional longbow. Patrons can also participate in a belly dance competition. 

Here’s the deal. There is no admission charge for children ages four or younger.  Parking is free. Discount tickets are available at MOSI, participating Walgreens, Subway, and Circle K locations. Artisan appreciation is held the first three weekends. Visitors who show $200 in shopping receipts from festival artisans to the box office will receive a free admission ticket for a future day. 

Location on the planet. Tampa Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI Museum of Science and Industry, 11315 North 46th Street, Tampa, FL 33617. 

Make it happen. Plan to attend the Bay Area Renaissance Festival any weekend from February 10 to March 25, 2018. Toll-free 1-800-779-4910 or
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Don't miss the fun. If you cannot attend the Festival there are many more possibilites posted in our folder dedicated to Renaissance Faires & Festivals

Content and images by Lisa Duac, Publisher for the Family Travel Copyright updated 2018. 

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