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Family Travel Files Ezine Family Vacations Resource
Tips for Easier Multi Generational Travel. The advice and ideas presented within this TravelPhase frame vacations for two generations, one-on-one, and include ideas for the best grandparent/child, single parent/child, or adult child/parent vacations. Wisconsin Summer Break with Grandma

I have had great one-on-one vacations with each of my daughters and have also had the pleasure of traveling with my mom to New York, DC, and London. In all three cases the pace, itinerary, and the experiences were unique.

Going away one-on-one can be a mixed blessing. Sharing time together with the competition from others is the obvious bonus. Success focuses on setting the right balance of time and energy while targeting shared interests. I have outlined a few points to consider. 

1. Communicate expectations in advance. When and where to go? It always helps if the search for ideas can be narrowed by shared interests and defined by a realistic budget.  If you love music or share an interest in a sport, it may be a start. Is there a “wish list” destination? Determine whether expenses are to be shared and decide before you confirm your plans.
2. Downsize the schedule. Allow plenty of time from the very start of your holiday. Prioritize and schedule the main events – music concert, sporting event, unique museum exhibition, trail hike, shopping spree build in free time to allow for serendipitous moments.
3. Set your own vacation pace. The freedom of being with just one family member allows for quality of time. It means spending extra time at a café or sharing an ice cream in the park. Not need to seek permission or text your location. It means sleeping until ten and ordering room service if you wish or catching a night train and eating chocolate truffles for breakfast.  

4. Become flexible 24/7. Only morning people have fun in the morning and conversely night owls are more enjoyable once the sunsets. Keep activities loosely scheduled - one per day may be all that falls into place. Remember fun need not be mandatory left to its own it just happens.New York City Dance Connection One-on-One Bonding
Our family vacation mantra “Less is more.” We at the Family Travel Files are not parenting experts. We are family travel experts with some great connections and plenty of awesome travel time experiences with children and grandchildren. We also know that no two family vacation experiences will ever match even if the vacation destination does. 

Family Travel Files - Generation Bond.  We know for certain no two vacations will ever be the same because every year the possibilities change.
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Content posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files. Images from Family Travel Files New York City and Wisconsin plus Quivertree Family Vacations Peru. Copyright updated 2018.

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