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Advice for Travel with Three Generations. TravelPhase Mix at the Family Travel Files focuses on vacation ideas ideal for three or more generations. It includes destinations for family reunions and gatherings plus family tours and adventures where balancing time and activities spans multiple ages. St. Augustine Family Reunion at the Beach

Best family vacations for three or more generations deliver on flexibility to ensure family members of all ages have a pleasant time. Some suggestions are geared to mini family reunions while others offer entertainment or adventure. Ideas include renting a mountain top cabin, meeting at a camping resort or an all–inclusive resort.  The locations featured are places where all ages will have fun making memories together. Top destinations include Pigeon Forge, Virginia Beach and ACE Adventure Resort in southern West Virginia.
I know that no two family vacation experiences will ever match and that there are plenty of challenges when three generations are involved. Staying flexible is the key to success. I have outlined five things to keep in mind. Sky Valley Zipline Adventures for Families

1. Communicate. Once the decision has been made, the when and the where, then the best way to insure success is to communicate expectations so if you don’t know then ask before you depart. Incorrect assumptions result in stress. Who is responsible for what? Determine arrival times and if need be who is cooking? Is there child care or will the teens be available to care for the little ones? Who is bringing what? I think less is always more when it comes to schedules and packing.
2. Downsize the schedule. Allow plenty of time from the very start of the holiday. Less is more when generations mix. Sometimes designating a free day takes the pressure to participate away and provides the perfect atmosphere for family vacation bliss. ACE Adventure resort Family Reunion Fun

3. Agree on mixing time. Vacation time is precious to everyone so allowing personal freedom extra naps, sleeping in, staying out or just doing nothing is important. The idea is to vacation together, yet separately. The artful mixing of three generations takes skill. It is essential to let everyone know ahead of time exactly the what, when and where of the togethering. In our family when food, drink, and music are involved even snarky teens make an effort. 

4. Plan not to plan. The best part of vacationing with extended family is the chance to share time with one another while being part of a larger group. Time fishing with grandpa, baking bread with grandma or just walking and talking with a cousin cannot be scheduled, it just happens. Sitting at the end of a dock with your 12 year-old nephew or playing Monopoly with siblings just happens when it is part of the general plan, not to plan.

5. Mandate fun, who needs it? Only morning people have fun in the morning. When multiple generations are involved the clash of paces and interests can cause tension.  Those organizing fun require age sensitivity and awareness of time. Keep activities loosely scheduled - one per day may be all that falls into place. Remember fun need not be made mandatory for all, left to its own it just happens. 

Our family vacation philosophy remains constant - do less and have more fun. Using the guidelines mentioned above I have made many interesting vacations happen with three generations. 

Content posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files with images from the Family Travel Files archives. Copyright 2017.

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