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10 of the Best Agri-Adventure Locations in the US. Corn mazes, living history farms, and fall festivals provide unique agri-adventures for families and boundless screen free ways to share earth-friendly activities and create memories. Dewberry Farms Agri-Adventure Texas Corn Pile

Here’s the scoop. The best agri-adventures and farmstead experiences offer well-crafted pathways through 10-foot corn stalks, plenty of pumpkins and screen free things to do outside with kids. The most popular activities include goat walks, pig races, pig painting, secret passage way quests, tire mountains, apple cannons, pumpkin bowling, and nifty barrel-train rides. In addition to rural life experiences many locations have added extra ways to enjoy time with your kids. The newest additions include ziplining over corn fields, orbing down hills, laser tag games, cranberry bog experiences, viewing towers, and secret tunnels. 

From corn texting to GPS scavenger hunts, weekend fun with the kids may even demand a 4G connection as tech-savvy families navigate challenging mazes in search of clues to a game or puzzle over the meaning of CORNundrums. Plus, many locations have created night time maze adventures and flashlight quests adding an extra dimension to family agri-adventures.

Ten locations set the pace with educational activities and unique additions to harvest time family fun. Each location offers parents plenty of energizing things to do outside with kids. Our aMAZing Fun folder adds at least nine dozen more locations to find terrific agri-adventures, corn mazes and fall festivals including great spots in Canada. The season looks very promising.Dreweberry Farms South Texas Maze Runner

1. The Texas Maze at Dewberry Farm near Houston is perhaps one of the best agri-adventures in the country. The eight-acre interactive corn maze includes dozens of “cornundrums” and a corn-cierge to facilitate the fun.  See honey bees at work and add to that corn cannons, singing chickens, rubber ducky races, calf roping, and zip lining over the cornfield. 

2. Dell'Osso Family Farm Corn Maze near Lathrop, California creates a corn maze large enough to be viewed by NASA from orbit. Along with the maze challenge they run a pumpkin tram, have pumpkin blasters, tire pyramid, lively hayrides, zip lining, aerial ropes course, and a plank plunge.  DellOsso Farms Northern California Agri Train

3. One of the world’s largest corn mazes is at Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove north of Chicago near the Wisconsin state line. Agri-entertainment activities include slides, pedal trikes, a 50-foot high viewing tower, zip lining, and a zorbing adventure inside an 11-foot orb. 

4. To navigate the maze at Liberty Ridge Farm Schaghticoke, New York visitors use corn texting for clues. Well-placed “CORNnundrums” make things more fun and interesting plus they have night scrambles.

5. The Great Maze in Danville, Vermont is the home of barnyard golf, 100' of underground tunnels, perplexing puzzles, 50' of bridges, and laser tag. Perhaps the best part is the chance to navigate the maze by starlight or play the ultimate game of laser tag within a two–acre field. 

6. At Marini Farm Corn Maze Agri-Adventure near Ipswitch, Massachusetts the maze has 10 miles of pathways and dozens of questions to answer. For tykes there is a mini hay bale maze but the most creative interactive experience is on the Giant Rope Spider Web.
7. French Prairie Gardens Fall Harvest Festival in St. Paul, Oregon has a “Pigtucky” Derby and an opportunity for visitors to watch the secret lives of chickens. Wander through the pick-your-own Pumpkin Patch and save time to meet the resident bunnies, sheep, and chickens. Hubbs Corn Maze North Carolina Teeter Totter

8. Hubb’s Corn Maze in North Carolina has four corn mazes to navigate plus tire jungle, stationary steer roping, and corny cannon. For those seeking a fright the   Haunted Trail through the woods will do the trick. 

9. The Living History Farms Harvest Fests in St. Urbandale, Iowa mix modern and Victorian entertainment with carnival games, pony rides, old-fashioned carnival games. Practice stirring apple butter or cranking the cider press, and sample apple fritter right out of the Dutch oven.
10. At the American West Heritage Fall Harvest Festival in Wellsville, Utah navigate a maze within a maze and celebrate the harvest with old-fashioned games for all ages including threshing, corn shelling, and making corn cob darts. Test pioneer skills and try a Wild West Buffalo Chip Toss. 

aMAZEing Fun for FamiliesDozens of additional ideas may be found in our aMAZing Fun folder where you will find them sorted by location on the planet.  

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Content researched and posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files with images courtesy Dewberry Farms in Texas, Dell’Osso Farms in California, and Hubb’s Farm in North Carolina. Updated copyright 2018.

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