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Saskatchewan: Red Coat Trail, A Family Travel Adventure - Mounties, Bison, and Dinosaurs.

Family road trips have more value when there’s a plan with a purpose and even better with a few surprises along the way. Red Coat Trail offers old forts and black horses, bison herds and seas of grass, and perhaps most important – dinosaurs! [Read More]

Fort Lauderdale Family Vacations Include Beaches Butterflies, and Terrific Shopping.

Imagine more than 300 miles of navigable waterways and 40,000 resident yachts. The area provides sophisticated fun-in-the-sun, and offers oodles of family vacation activities beyond-the-beach. [Read More]

Nevada: Las Vegas, Family Vacation Ideas, Cowboys, The Stratosphere, and The Dolphin Habitat.

Loaded with glitz and glamour, casinos and nightlife it is hard to imagine the words Las Vegas and family vacation in the same sentence but in reality the city offers plenty for families. [Read More]

France: Paris, Six Great Reasons for Families to Share Summertime in the City.

Thinking about a family vacation in Paris? Our Paris travel expert, Isabelle Southgate, shares her thoughts about creating the perfect family vacation in Paris. [Read More]

New Brunswick: Fredericton, Kings Landing - Summer Camp with a Time Twist.

Visiting Cousins and Family Kin at Kings Landing is time travel at its best. For a week at a time it is possible for to children between the ages of 9 and 15 to take a step back in time and pretend it is the mid 1800s. [Read More]

France: Paris, Family Vacation Green Spots in the City.

The “City of Love” is also the city of green. Parisians love their parks and gardens and it shows. Everyone enjoys shade trees, lively fountains, and awesome gardens along with playgrounds, carrousel rides, puppet shows, and ice cream. [Read More]

New Brunswick: Fredericton, Family Vacations Include King's Landing, Hopewell Rocks, and Dulseing.

From the moment we stepped off the train in Fredericton the experience is a string of surprises and discoveries. With enough charm to merit more than one visit, New Brunswick is a place which remains prominent in our memories. It is one of our favorite places on the planet. [Read More]

Galway Family Vacation Ideas in Ireland Include Arts, Oysters, and the Ring.

Want to experience, cozy pubs, energizing live music, local stories, and laughter plus see rolling countryside and beautiful rocky cliffs framing the coast? Want to hike into the mist or bike an ancient island pathway? Taste oysters and scrumptious ginger bread? Go to Galway. [Read More]

Montana: Gold Country West, Wintertime Family Vacations – Snowkiting, Sled Dog Races, and Snowmobiling.

The bonus of a Montana winter family vacation is miles of fresh white stuff, marked only by an occasional rabbit trail. You will find no waiting lines, plenty of affordable activities to share with kids. [Read More]

Saskatchewan: Moose Jaw, Family Vacation Ideas - Owls, Living History, and Secret Tunnels.

The city is easy to walk and the “The Great Walls” are clever and creative. The fact is the city is a prairie treasure. It is perfect for families because of its size and the abundant number of easy to do activities. Family fun without lines - no stress. [Read More]

Florida: Apalachicola, Franklin County’s Natural Escape - Fishing, Kayaking, and Beach Time.

If the goal is a low-maintenance family getaway in a natural setting then environmentally serene and ecologically-rich Franklin County is definitely an option. Just south of the Alabama/Georgia State line confluence and in the vicinity of Tallahassee you will find plenty of places and activities ideal for both the creative as well as the nature-appreciating family. [Read More]

Washington DC: Family Vacations - Go Where the Shopping Is Terrific.

The neighborhoods of Washington, DC have become the place to go for unique shopping. Home furnishings, shoe stores, and food emporia are tucked between cafes and row houses in Dupont Circle and on Capitol Hill. [Read More]

Micronesia: Palau, Family Vacation Ideas – Kayaking, Dolphin Encounters, and Snorkeling.

Imagine a spot on the planet where one can safely interact with sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish, dolphins; see firsthand World War II memorabilia; go kayaking into inner lagoon wonderlands and snorkel above awesome coral reefs. [Read More]

Helsinki, Family Vacation Fun - From Moomins to the Northern Lights.

Family-friendly in surprising and unexpected ways, Finland is home to the endearing Moomins, numerous snow sports, spas and kid-friendly ships. Families will find holidays full of European sophistication and fun. [Read More]

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Family Vacations and Dutch Treats.

Amsterdam is a city worth discovering with kids because there are so many tactile experiences to share. From canals, bridges, and bicycles to street performers, interactive museums, and shopping no two days will be the same. [Read More]

Netherlands: Amsterdam, Best Urban Family Adventures with Bikes, Boats, and Cooking Classes.

From bicycles and boats and street performers to kid-friendly cafes and amazing NEMO, the choices for family fun are many. Amsterdam is an active and engaging city. [Read More]

Mexico: Cancun, Family Vacations with Turtles and Tortillas.

In Cancun it is possible to combine sea turtle conservation and a family vacation. Add Mayan ruins, premium beaches, scuba diving, outstanding food, and and bargain prices. [Read More]

Florida: Stuart, Family Beach Vacation Ideas - Sails, Saddles, and Sea Turtles.

What could be better, sun, sand, sea breezes, a rich menu of interesting activities and the luxury of time to enjoy them with your kids. Florida’s South Treasure Coast (a.k.a. Martin County) includes glorious Atlantic blue beaches and best of all the luxury of time, the real treasure in today’s fast-paced world. [Read More]

Florida: Destin, Family Vacation Ideas – Fishing, Golfing, and Waterpark Fun.

Imagine a family vacation at the beach with sugar-white sand, pristine beaches edged by emerald blue water, and soothing Southern hospitality, Destin puts the “easy” in any family beach vacation. [Read More]

Dublin, Family Vacation Ideas- Getting to Know the Capital of the Emerald Isle.

It's Sunday - my first day in Dublin on my own. I have my Lonely Planet (guidebook), my city map, and I just purchased a ticket to the hop-on-hop-off tour. 23 stops in total- sounds excessive but how else am I going to get the lay of the land? [Read More]


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