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Three Reasons to Share Time with Your Kids at a Renaissance Festival or Ren Faire. Festivals and faires offer screen-free fun away from the 21st century. The atmosphere, punctuated by entertainment and living history moments, creates a carefree experience difficult to duplicate for your kids on your own.Bristol Renaissance Faire Swordsmen Family Travel Files
Here’s the scoop. The first Renaissance faire I shared with my children was Scarborough Renaissance Festival just south of Dallas. They were ages three and five and we dressed in garb suited for a 16th century day out. It was a spring day and my neighbor and her three-year-old son joined us for what has become a delightful family tradition. Our 16th century adventure, based on the year 1533 (during the reign of England’s King Henry VIII), was carefree and filled with fun and learning. I was hooked. Throughout the years our family has shared delightful days pretending to be part of the 16th century. Among our favorite faires, Arizona Renaissance Festival near Phoenix, Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa, and Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin.Lompoc, California Renaissance festival Archery Lessons

The experiences offered by Renaissance fairs and festivals have multiplied since my family’s first time travel experience, ensuring that parents have an even easier and rewarding time sharing 16th century fun with their children. The key is to enjoy the atmosphere and not become too concerned with interpretation of historical facts. It is about escaping, and indulging in pretend for a day, reconnecting to the inner child who once believed in gallant knights, beautiful princesses, and dastardly dragons. So when you find Robin Hood and his merry men have been imported from the 13th century to Elizabethan England, just relax. Magic School at Tampa bay Area renaissance Festival Family Travel Files

I can think of three reasons to share the fun of faire time with your kids.
1. It’s the ultimate interactive family experience where seeing, doing, and pretending are part of the fun. 
2. It is screen-free and an easy way to share time together, and practice imaging without the aid of electronic devices. 
3. It’s a way to stretch your child’s comfort zone by becoming immersed in the 16tth century for a day with sights, sounds, aromas and costumes creating a unique experience.  

Why make the effort? Mainly because there are oodles of ways to have fun at the faire. While no two faires will deliver the same experience there are things you can count on to ensure great memories. I have also assembled seven tips to ensure the best possible Renaissance faire experience. 

For a little extra inspiration I have also outlined details about the best Renaissance festivals and Ren faires in North America. 

To find a renaissance festival or Ren faire near your home one of the best resources to use is

Opinions posted by Nancy Nelson-Duac, Curator of the Good Stuff for the Family Travel Files with images from Family Travel Files, and Lompoc, California Ren Faire. Copyright updated 2018.

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